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Available in Version 4.7 and up

When assignments are attempted, any errors that occur on any record in the update batch are captured in the assignment log, which sits in a status of Retrying until the errors are resolved. Alternatively, if retries occur for too long, the status of the log will update to Aborted and the retries will stop occurring. By default this time period is 7 days, though this can be adjusted if desired.

When you view this log either from the console or from a router, you will also see a number in parenthesis after the status; e.g. “Retrying (3)”. In this case, the (3) indicates that a third attempt is pending. You will also see a Last Error date/time, as well as the error text in the Last Error Message column.

An email will also be sent out to your admin alert recipients regarding the error. If unresolved, notifications will continue to go out every four hours until resolved. If you are able to identify and resolve the issue, you can simply wait for the next retry job to initiate, at which point the assignment will be completed and the log status will update to Assigned.

Retry Limits

Available in Version 4.8 and up

Kubaru will continue to retry failed assignment logs until it hits one of two user-controlled thresholds found in the Settings tab of the Kubaru Console:

  • Abort Failed Logs (Days): Retries will abort after this number of days since the initial failure.
  • Abort Failed Logs (Attempts): Retries will abort after this number of failed attempts since the initial failure.
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