Assignment Matching

Available in Version 3.1 and up

The Assignment Matching feature ensures that similar records are assigned to the same user. Here are a few common use cases for this feature:

  • Assigning leads with the same email address to the same user.
  • Assigning different prospects from the same company to the same user.
  • Assigning cases from the same account to the same user.

Assignments made prior to enabling this feature are not matched against.

Follow these steps to setup assignment matching:

  1. Navigate to a Kubaru Router and click Edit.
  2. Check the Enable Assignment Matching checkbox.
  3. Configure the below fields:
Matching FieldThe field that records are matched on. If two records have the same non-null field value, they are considered a match.

Formula fields can be used to configure more complex matching criteria.
Match Against AssignmentsMade by this router only: Only matches against assignments made by this router. Made by any router: Matches against assignments made by any router.

Assignments will only be matched if the Match Against Assignments value is the same in both cases. For example, a record assigned with “Made by any router” will not match against one with “Made by this router only”, even if the matching field value is the same.
Match Within LastMatching assignments must be made within this time frame to go to the same person.
Count Null MatchesDetermines whether multiple records with a blank value in the provided Matching Field are considered a match.
Assign Matching When UnavailableDetermines if matched assignments should be made even when the recipient is marked as unavailable.
Assign Matching When Out Of OfficeDetermines if matched assignments should be made even when the recipient is out of office.
Assign Matching When Logged Out / IdleDetermines if matched assignments should be made even when the recipient is logged out of Salesforce or idle in their session. Only applicable when Logged In Members Only is checked.
Match Against Active OnlyDetermines whether assignment matching should operate against previously assigned records that are now “inactive” in accordance with your active record definitions.
  1. Click Save.
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