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Available in Version 5.8 and up

Territory groups make it possible to create separate sets of territories for different teams, customer segments, etc. For example, you might create one territory group for your enterprise sales team and another for your SMB sales team. You can then define the criteria for each territory group. For example, your “Enterprise” territory group might only apply to leads with annual revenue greater than $500M.

Things to keep in mind

  • Once enabled, the territory groups feature cannot be disabled.
  • Enable Territory Groups

    Territory groups are inactive by default. Follow these steps to activate territory groups:

    1. Navigate to the Settings tab of the Kubaru Console.
    2. Under the App Settings section, check Territory Groups
    3. Click OK in the warning prompt.

    Any territories that existed prior to activating this feature will be rolled into a territory group called “Default Territories”.

    Create a Territory Group

    Follow these steps to create a territory group:

    1. Navigate to the Kubaru Territories tab of the Kubaru Console.
    2. Click the New Territory Group button.
    3. Give the territory group a name.
    4. Set the Evaluation Order. This is the order in which territory groups are evaluated when determining a record’s territory.
    5. Choose whether the territory group should be Active.
    6. Click Save.

    Set Territory Group Criteria

    Each territory group contains criteria to determine which records it applies to.

    1. Navigate to one of your territory groups in the Kubaru Territories tab of the Kubaru Console.
    2. Click into the Object Filters tab of the selected territory group.
    3. Click the New Object button.
    4. Select an object* and click Select Object. Note: you will only be able to select from objects that have a territory mapping.
    5. Set the appropriate filter conditions for that object. Select “No criteria” if the territory group is meant to capture all records.
    6. Click Save.

    Things to keep in mind

  • By default, if a record meets criteria for a territory group, but does not fit the geographical conditions of any of its territories, that record will not be assigned to a territory. If you would like for the record to continue be evaluated by subsequent territory groups, contact us and we can help you enable this behavior.
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