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The user that first enables Kubaru will automatically be designated as the Running User. Kubaru leverages this user’s permissions to perform various automated processes. To ensure Kubaru functions properly, it’s important that the user meets the following conditions:

Changing the Running Kubaru User

Available in Version 3.8 and up

You can see who the running user is by navigating to the Settings tab of the Kubaru Console. If the user is missing a Package License or the Kubaru Administrator permission set, you will see an error displayed across the top of the page.

If you are not the running user, you will also see a link that reads Change running user to me. Clicking this link will make you the running user. If you would like to change the running user to someone other than yourself, you will need to first log in as that user, then click this link. 

When the running user is changed, an email alert will send out to the email address(es) designated in the Kubaru Application Email Alerts field.

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