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Distribution schedules are used to limit assignments to certain days and hours. They can also be used as constraints when measuring SLAs such as reassignment. These schedules can be assigned to both routers and members. 

Create a Distribution Schedule

Follow these steps to create a new schedule:

  1. Select Kubaru from the App Launcher menu.
  2. Click the Kubaru Console tab (if not already selected).
  3. Click the Distribution Schedules tab within the console.
  4. Click the New Schedule button.
  5. Fill out the following fields:
Schedule NameGive each schedule a descriptive name (e.g. East Coast Support Team)
Time ZoneSelect the appropriate time zone, if needed. Note: this will default to your org’s default time zone.
Hours of OperationFor each day you can select:

1) All Day: associated routers will be active all day.

2) Select Hours: associated routers will be active between the start and end time.

3) Disabled: associated routers will be inactive all day.
  1. Click Save Schedule.

It’s also possible to schedule a distribution schedule to take effect at a future date. See Future Router Schedules for more information.

Assigning Schedules to Routers

Follow these steps to assign a distribution schedule to a router:

  1. Navigate to a Kubaru Router and click Edit.
  2. Select a schedule from the Distribution Schedule field.
  3. You can check Assign During Off-Hours if you want to use the schedule as an SLA constraint without limiting the days/hours during which the router makes assignments. 
  4. Click Save.

Assigning Schedules to Router Members

Available in Version 3.6 and up

Follow these steps to assign a distribution schedule to one or more members:

  1. Navigate to a Kubaru Router.
  2. Scroll down to the Members section and click Manage Members.
  3. In the Member Schedule column, specify a schedule for one or more members.
  4. You can check Assign Outside Member Schedules in the Member Settings section if you want to use member schedules as SLA constraints without limiting the days/hours during which records are assigned to members. 
  5. Click Save.

Things to keep in mind

  • It’s possible to assign different schedules to a router and it’s members. If so, assignments will be made during the days/hours that the schedules overlap.
  • If no schedule is selected, records will be assigned 24/7.
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