Kubaru Not Assigning Records

In order for a Kubaru router to assign records, a few things must be true:

  • Kubaru must be activated.
  • The router must be activated, and the status must read “Active”. Note: any alternate status should tell you where the problem lies, e.g. “No connected queues”.
  • The record must be owned by a connected queue on the router.
  • The record must meet any filter criteria you may have defined on the router.

Kubaru will only pick up records from your connected queue after you’ve first devised some means to put it there, e.g. assignment rules, workflow rules, etc. If you are only testing at this point, you can also manually assign the record to the queue.

If this appears to all be in order but the record is still not assigning. There are a few questions to explore:

  • If you have distribution filters set, is it possible you have two fields with the same label? If so, you may have selected the wrong field.
  • Is it possible you have multiple queues with the same name as your connected queue? If so, you may need to iron out which one ought to be used.
  • If you navigate to Setup > Jobs > Apex Jobs, do you see any instances of BatchAssignmentJob (our app’s assignment job) with an error message? If so, please grant us support access, then contact us at support@kubaru.io to troubleshoot.
  • If you navigate to the Kubaru Console’s Settings tab, does the Running User listed have appropriate permissions assigned? They will both need a Kubaru license as well the Kubaru Administrator permission set.

Regardless of the details, you can always contact us at support@kubaru.io and we will be happy to help!

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