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Kubaru Assignment Logs contain an audit trail of all assignments made. Assignment logs are enabled by default–and can be viewed in the Kubaru Console’s Assignment Logs tab, or in the Assignment Logs list found at the bottom of any Kubaru Router page.

Assignment logs include the following details:

RecordA link to the record that was assigned
ObjectThe type of object that was assigned
Kubaru RouterThe router that assigned the record
Assigned DateThe date/time the assignment was made
Assigned ToThe person who was assigned the record
Prior OwnerThe Connected Queue from which the record was assigned
Notified OwnerIndicates whether an assignment notification was sent to the record recipient.
ReimbursedIndicates if the record was assigned as reimbursement for a prior assignment that was rejected or reassigned.
Assignment MatchIndicates if the assignment was made based on a match to a prior assignment.
Reassigned DateIndicates the date/time the record was automatically reassigned.
Reassigned ToThe person to which the record was automatically reassigned.

Things to keep in mind

  • In order to preserve historical integrity, users, including admins, cannot update assignment logs by default. If you would like to grant select users this access however you can assign them the “Edit Assignment Logs” custom permission.
  • Available in Version 4.9 and up

    When viewing assignment logs in the Kubaru Console, you can search to narrow down the list. There are two modes of search:

    • Assigned Record: search the fields of the record that was assigned. For example, you can search by record ID, email address, name, subject, etc.
    • Assignment Log: searches from the properties of the assignment log itself. For example, search by assigned to or assigned from.

    Things to keep in mind

  • The max result size of any search is 2,000 records.
  • When searching by Assigned Record across multiple objects, the max result size per object is 2,000 divided by the number of objects. For example, if you have assignment logs that span four different objects, let’s say lead, case, account, and opportunity, then up to 500 of each object type can be returned in a search. If you would like to devote all search results to a single object, you can simply select that object in the object filter at the top-right of the page.
  • To perform an assignment log search:

    1. Navigate to the Assignment Logs tab of the Kubaru Console.
    2. Type your search term in the Search bar at the top-left.
    3. Select to search by either Assigned Record or Assignment Log.
    4. Click the Search button.

    Updating Log Settings

    You can adjust the amount of time logs are kept before being deleted, or disable logs completely in the Assignment Logs tab. Follow these steps to adjust these settings:

    1. Navigate to the Settings tab of the Kubaru Console.
    2. Disable Assignment Logs by unchecking Assignment Logging.
    3. Update when Assignment Logs are deleted by changing the Delete Logs value.

    Note: These settings only affect the front-end user experience with Assignment Logs. Assignment Logs will always be created and exist for no less than one year on the back end to ensure the application functions properly.

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