Sound Notifications Not Playing

If you are not getting sound notification for assignments, the below steps may help:

  1. Ensure that your speakers are on and computer audio is not muted.
  2. Ensure in the Kubaru Utility that audio is not muted.
  3. Ensure that your browser autoplay settings allow for sounds:
    • Chrome: Click the Lock icon to the left of the page URL, click Site Settings, and change Sound to “Allow”. Then refresh your Salesforce tab(s).
    • Firefox: Click the meter icon to the left of the page URL (just to the right of the lock) and change Autoplay to “Allow Audio and Video”. Then refresh your Salesforce tab(s).
  4. Browsers generally have built-in behavior which blocks audio from being played by inactive browser tabs, e.g. Salesforce tabs that you haven’t interacted with for some time. This is often accompanied by such missed alerts suddenly being belatedly played when you revisit the tab. You can work around this browser behavior by using a browser extension that keeps the tab alive regardless of your manual interaction with it. While we do not endorse any particular product, nor can we guarantee any one product’s effectiveness, several such extensions generally exist for free, e.g. Session Alive or Let Live for Chrome. We suggest you thoroughly evaluate any such solution before installing and using.

If none of these steps resolve your issue, contact us at for further troubleshooting.

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