Monitor assignment logs in real time

Kubaru provides detailed assignment logs to help admins understand exactly how Kubaru is assigning records.

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Full transparency

Detailed information is logged for every assignment to provide full transparency for administrators. 

View errors and pending assignments

Assignments that are pending or failed are logged. Administrators are alerted via email so they can respond quickly. 

Create your own reports

Administrators can leverage assignment log data to create custom reports using Salesforce, Tableau, Power BI, etc. 


Logs are deleted after one year by default. However, administrators can adjust this timeframe–or disable deletion of logs altogether. 

See the Assignment Logs article in our knowledge base for a full list of data points that are tracked. 

Users, including admins, cannot edit assignment logs by default. However, if you like to grant users this access, you can assign them the “Edit Assignment Logs” custom permission. 

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