100% native Salesforce application

Kubaru is built entirely on the Salesforce Lighting platform–providing the unmatched data security benefits of Salesforce. 

Empowering the fastest growing companies

Enterprise-grade security

Kubaru supercharges your Salesforce org without introducing new security risks or attack vectors.

Zero data sharing

Kubaru runs entirely within your Salesforce org and does not connect to any external systems or servers. 

User permissions

Access to Kubaru is managed via Salesforce permission sets, ensuring you’re in complete control.

Audit logs

Kubaru provides audit logs to assist administrators with tracking changes and ensuring accountability. 


Kubaru is a 100% native Salesforce application. That means Kubaru lives entirely within your Salesforce org and leverages the data security features of the Salesforce platform.

No, Kubaru does not transfer, store, or process customer data outside of your Salesforce org. 

No, Kubaru employees do not have access to customer data–unless you grant us temporary access to your Salesforce org for support purposes. 

Salesforce administrators control access to Kubaru using permission sets. This provides administrators with granular control over access. 

You can either install updates from the AppExchange yourself or enable automatic updates. 

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