Fully automated case routing for Salesforce

Improve resolution time and increase customer satisfaction scores using advanced case routing features from Kubaru.

Improve case response and resolution time

Kubaru provides the powerful case routing features that high-volume support teams need.

A sales rep receiving email notification about a lead assignment
Two support reps being assigned support cases

Assign cases to the right support agent

Improve customer satisfaction by assigning cases to the right agent the first time.

Prevent support agent burnout

Avoid overworking your support agents by monitoring and adjusting your case routing logic.

Your all-in-one solution for fully automated
lead and case assignment

Assign anything

Easily automate the routing of any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

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Load balancing

Automatically assign records to reps based on their workload.

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Round robin

Put an end to territory disputes by distributing records evenly.

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Skill-based assignment

Assign records to the best user based on their skill set.

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Territory management

Define your own custom geographic territories for assignment. 

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Rule-based assignment

Create rules to assign records to specific users based on any criteria in seconds.

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Shark tank

Give users the ability to claim unassigned records from a shark tank.

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Duplicate management

Ensure records flagged by your Salesforce Duplicate Rules are assigned to the same rep.

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User weighting

Maximize performance by assigning more records to reps based on performance and capacity.

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Set time-based and workload-based limits on the number of records that can be assigned to users.

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Assign records to available reps based on out-of-office schedules, holidays, etc.

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Automatically reassign unworked records before they go cold.

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Alert reps of assignments using email, mobile alerts, push notifications, slack alerts, and more. 

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