Skill-based assignment for Salesforce

Kubaru skill-based routers ensure records are instantly assigned to the BEST rep based on skills you define (e.g. language, product knowledge, service tier). 

Empowering the fastest growing companies

Route leads and cases to the right rep every time

Kubaru automatically assigns records based on skills that you assign to your team members. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Assign to the best sales or support rep instantly

Kubaru automatically assigns leads, cases, and other records to the right rep based on skills, availability, workload, and more. 

Define the skills that matter to your company

You define the skills that matter to your organization and whether those skills are “required” or “optional” for assignment. 

Measure performance and improve efficiency

Kubaru’s assignment logs provide 100% transparency into how each record is assigned and which skills are factored in. 

Supercharge your skill-based routers
with these additional features

User weighting

Maximize performance by assigning more records to reps based on performance and capacity.

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Assign records to available reps based on out-of-office schedules, holidays, etc.

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Set time-based and workload-based limits on the number of records that can be assigned to users.

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Automatically reassign unworked records before they go cold.

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Duplicate management

Ensure records flagged by your Salesforce Duplicate Rules are assigned to the same rep.

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Alert reps of assignments using email, mobile alerts, push notifications, slack alerts, and more. 


Check out our skill-based router article in our knowledge base or contact us at to schedule a demo. 

You can create any skills you want! Some commonly used skills are language, service tier, product knowledge, industry, etc.

You can set a time limit on how long records wait to be assigned before being escalated to another router or user. Records that are waiting to be assigned will be displayed in the logs as “pending”. 

Kubaru will assign records via round robin or load balancing (which ever you choose) if there are multiple users with the same skills. 

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