Shark tank assignment features for Salesforce

Do you want to give your Salesforce users a way to claim leads, cases, and other records from a shark tank? Kubaru provides the missing features you’ve been looking for. 

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The perfect solution for unworked leads and cases

Shark tanks reduce response time by allowing users to claim records when they’re ready to work them. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Create a sense of urgency

There’s no better incentive to respond to leads quickly than the risk of losing that lead to another sales rep. 

Ensure records get worked immediately

Shark tanks are a great solution for high volume teams that want to ensure leads and cases don’t go unworked. 

Avoid cherry picking with blind shark tanks

Kubaru’s blind shark tank feature hides the details until a record is claimed–giving you the benefit of shark tank without the risk of cherry picking.

Supercharge your shark tank routers
with these additional features


Set limits on when users can view and claim available records from the shark tank.

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Set time-based and workload-based limits on the number of records that users can claim.

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Automatically reassign unworked records before they go cold.

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Duplicate management

Ensure records flagged by your Salesforce Duplicate Rules are assigned to the same rep.

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Alert reps when records are available to claim using push notifications, sound alerts, and more.

Assign anything

Shark tank routers work with any standard or custom object in Salesforce.

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Check out our shark tank router article in our knowledge base or contact us at to schedule a demo. 

You can set a time limit on how long unclaimed records sit in the shark tank before they’re escalated or assigned via a different router. 

Yes! You can enable a variety of notifications for shark tanks including email, slack, sound alerts, and more. 

Yes! You can set limits on the number of records users can claim during a given period of time.  You can also set limits on the total number of active records assigned to each user.

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