System.QueryException: Non-selective query against large object type

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This error typically indicates that you have over 200,000 Kubaru assignment logs in the system. When this happens, the SOQL queries in our package begin to fail. There are a few possibilities we explore when this error is encountered.

To learn more about the technical nature of this error, see Salesforce’s help article.


Prior to Version 4.4

Version 4.4 includes some improvements to how queries are performed. If you’re on a version older than 4.4, you can upgrade to the latest version. This will resolve this issue in most cases.

Assignment Looping

You may have some sort of assignment looping occurring, which is creating excess logs in the system. For example, if you have a workflow rule that’s erroneously assigning records back to your connected queue, Kubaru will pick it up again for assignment, which may then lead to assignment back to the connected queue via the workflow rule, and so on. Such a faulty process will quickly run up your log count, as a log is created each time Kubaru assigns the record back out.

To evaluate whether this is the case, review records that have been assigned in your assignment logs (Kubaru Console > Assignment Logs tab). You may see the same records show up multiple times when reviewing the list. Otherwise you can click into a record and review its field history if you have field history tracking enabled for that object (particularly on the assignee field e.g. Owner). If the history shows this field being updated over and over again in a short period of time, this issue is likely the culprit.

From there, you will need to evaluate any assignment rules, workflow rules, processes, flows, etc. in order to identify the rule assigning back to your connected queue so you can troubleshoot it from there. And of course you can always contact us at if you need any assistance.

Automated Log Deletion Disabled

It may be that your log deletion setting is disabled, which means logs will persist in your org forever. This option may seem enticing, but can lead to this issue, as well as take it toll on your data storage limit.

You can follow these steps to enable auto deletion:

  1. Navigate to the Kubaru Console and click on the Settings tab.
  2. Change the Delete Logs field to a different value; e.g. “After 3 Months”.

Log deletions occur at midnight each night. It’s possible you may continue to see this error through the next day as well, as the newly-deleted records can sometimes take up to 24 hours to complete clear from system memory. If you’ve waited sufficiently and still see the error, contact us at

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