Assign to Logged In Users Only

Available in Version 3.6 and up

Your Running Kubaru User must have the Manage Users system permission in order for this feature to work properly. Otherwise, every member of your Kubaru Router (other than the running user) will show as logged off.

This is an optional router setting that, if enabled, will ensure records are only assigned to members who are logged into Salesforce. You can also set an idleness threshold which indicates how long a member can be idle in Salesforce before assignments are disabled. If no idleness threshold is set, users will continue to receive assignments until they sign out of Salesforce.

To configure these options:

  1. Navigate to a Kubaru Router and click Edit.
  2. Check Logged In Members Only.
  3. (Optional) Set an Idleness Threshold.
  4. Click Save.

While setting an idleness threshold is optional, it is strongly recommended that you do so. It is very common for users to not log out of Salesforce when they are finished working. This means they stay logged in until their Salesforce session times out. Additionally, it is not currently possible for us to detect when a user has explicitly logged out of Salesforce.

Things to Consider

  • The minimum idleness threshold you can set is 6 minutes. This is because Salesforce’s active login data does not refresh frequently enough for us to reliably use any lesser value than this.
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