Future Router Schedules

As of Version 4.7, this feature is disabled by default. Contact us at support@kubaru.io if you would like to enable it.

There may be times where you plan for a router to change schedules at a future point. This may be because of a change to a team’s working hours or to your business hours. You can use the Manage Schedules feature to accomplish this.

  1. Navigate to a Kubaru Router and click the Manage Schedules link to the right of the Distribution Schedule field. Note: you can alternatively scroll down the router page to the Distribution Schedules list and click the Manage Schedules button.
  2. In the Future Schedules section, select a Distribution Schedule and specify the Effective Date. Note: you can simultaneously update the router’s current schedule in the Current Schedule section.
  3. If desired, click Add Row to add another future schedule. This be done as many times as is needed.
  4. Click Save.
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