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Available in Version 4.9 and up

Changes made to routers are tracked in the Kubaru Router History section of each router. This log provides useful information for troubleshooting issues including the following:

DateThe date and time that a change was made.
UserThe name of the user that made the change.
TypeThe type of record that was changed (e.g. router, member, connected queue, etc.).
RecordThe name of the record that was changed.
ActionIndicates what was changed (e.g. “Changed Priority from 1 to 2“).

The following fields are tracked by default for each object:

Kubaru Router
Daily Limit
Distribution Schedule
Enable Assignment Matching
Holiday Schedule
Hourly Limit
Idleness Threshold
Limit Period
Logged In Members Only
Match Within Last
Match Within Period
Matching Field
Max Active Load
Reassignment SLA
Router Name
Time-Based Limit
Weekly Limit
Track Response Time
Kubaru Connected Queue
Kubaru Filter*
Field (first instance)
Relationship Field
Value (first instance)

*Kubaru Filter is the object for Distribution Filters, Member Sync Filters, and Field Updates.

Kubaru Member
Daily Limit
Hourly Limit
Limit Period
Login Status
Max Active Load
Member Schedule
Off Schedule
Time-Based Limit
Weekly Limit
Kubaru Router Skill
Wait Time
Wait Time Period

Configuring Field Tracking

You can change which fields are tracked in the history by adjusting the field history settings for each object in setup. For details on how to modify field history tracking, see Track Field History for Custom Objects.

You can track up to 20 fields per object. You should carefully consider which fields are the most important to you, particularly on the Kubaru Router object.

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