Assignee Field

Available in Version 2.17 and up

Assignee Field is a required field when creating a router. It indicates the field that will be assigned by the router. Owner Id is selected by default. However, it’s possible to select any user lookup field on the object.

Let’s say you want to assign an Account Executive (AE) and a Solution Development Rep (SDR) to every Lead. First you’ll create a router that assigns an AE to the Owner Id field. Next, you’ll need to create a custom user lookup field titled “Solution Development Rep”. Finally you’ll create a separate router that assigns an SDR to the custom Solution Development Rep field.

Things to keep in mind

  • The Assignee Field picklist will only display fields that you have permission to edit.
  • You will not be able to modify the Assignee Field after the router has been saved.
  • The Assignee Field picklist only displays user lookup fields by default. See Assign To Custom Text Field for info on how to enable the ability to assign to text fields.
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