Activating Your Router

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If you completed the steps in the previous articles, your router Status field should now say “Router is Inactive” (see the Alternative Router Statuses section below if your status shows something else). The last step is to activate your router. You can do so by clicking the Activate Router button.


Your router is now active and ready to assign records. Splendid work! 👏

IMPORTANT: Records will not be assigned until Kubaru has been activated. See Activating Kubaru.

Alternative Router Statuses

If the Status field shows something other than “Router Is Inactive”, refer to the table below for more information:

No QueuesYou must add at least one queue before activating your router.
No MembersYou must add at least one member before activating your router.
Kubaru DisabledSee the article Activating Kubaru.
Error: Contact AdministratorContact for assistance.
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